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With an irregular perimeter restraining the site in an urban context, and the presence of pre-defined functions, Cavarra Gardens seeks to connect three existing but unrelated masses and mould them into one coherent body. The negative space define the structures, which itself induces a unique experience for the user. Rather than an endpoint, the space frames the sun setting down on the distant cliffs. While allowing for adequate living spaces, the area is exploited in a way to maximize the effectiveness of natural light and ventilation passing through the communal shared space and the indoor spaces. Vegetation is used to highlight the linearity of the masses joined together.

The proportions of the project as well as their relation with those of third party properties is an important consideration as a successful intervention calls for the understanding of the respective heights and features. This is done so that the final design blends seamlessly into its surroundings whilst containing elements which are distinct and which help in creating a unique identity.

The scenic views from Cavarra Gardens aid in elevating the quality of both interior and shared spaces. The two important views which are considered are the north-westerly sea views - visible from a higher vantage point, and the unobstructed panoramic view pertaining the Gharghur Valley - visible from the southern side of the site.

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