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IBG02 | 2023

IBG02 is a semi-detached villa located in Ibragg, that captivates with its simplicity and volumetric elegance. Its conceptual design is characterized by a main volume in white tones that rises above a solid glass base, creating a visually harmonious and distinctive composition. This interplay of contrasts juxtaposes the purity of white with the transparency of glass, establishing a dynamic dialogue between architectural elements.

The essence of IBG02 lies in its ability to organically blend interior and exterior spaces. This residence seeks to transcend traditional conventions, blurring the boundaries between the domestic and the natural. Through expansive windows and open spaces, a seamless connection with the surrounding environment is established, allowing natural light and exterior landscapes to integrate harmoniously indoors.

Moreover, the careful selection of materials stands out, with the presence of stone in the interior textures playing a fundamental role. This element not only adds visual warmth but also a sense of rootedness and authenticity. The combination of clean lines and textured finishes creates a welcoming and contemporary atmosphere, where each space invites contemplation and enjoyment.

In summary, IBG02 is much more than a residence; it is an oasis of serenity and sophistication, where architecture becomes an expression of harmony and well-being.

© 3DM Architecture

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