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ONYX | 2022













O N Y X    H O T E L is a hotel centrally located in Paceville, a hub of nightlife in Malta. The project consists of the redesign of the existing apartments, as well as a vertical extension of 4 floors to house a number of guestrooms. 

The initial form was conceptualised as a grid, where every other square was subtracted to create negative and positive volumes. These volumes were then shifted along their axes, creating a playful series of solid and void which translate to rooms and terraces on the interior. These glass volumes were then wrapped in vertical fins to create dynamic shadows in the guestrooms, and allow for natural light to penetrate. 

On the interior, the aim is to create an extension of the exterior form, and provide a tactile environment which emphasises the executive and refined nature of the project. This is done through the choice of materials & the colourway used, using a monochrome palette with different textures and reflective surfaces, creating an understated yet sophisticated final design.

© 3DM Architecture

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