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The Portughes brand is no stranger to the Maltese context, as it has a strong presence throughout the island as the leading laundry and dry cleaning company.

The proposal for this new self service outlet - a first of its kind for Malta - aims to give the Portughes brand a new, updated look and visual identity. The launderette is conceived as a singular, monolithic element, which is then carved out to accommodate the program. Using a monochromatic palette of greys - all rendered in different materials with various subtle contrasts in texture and hue; spaces are created via the playful exchange of line and curve. This language is not only applied on a plan level, but it's also found throughout in smaller scales found in various details.  

The centerpiece which holds the washing machine space together is a bespoke monolithic table, which not only helps one to fold his fresh laundry, but can also be used as a working surface while one is waiting. 

© 3DM Architecture

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