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t w e n t y f o u r adheres to the principles of simplicity, form, and utility. The gaps between the numbers seamlessly merge and transition, resulting in a fluid and cohesive display. The interplay between light and shadows further enhances the dynamic and harmonious nature of the arrangement. Additionally, the geometric structure of the existing archway is mirrored in the composition of the numbers, establishing a sense of unity in terms of shape, size, and proportions.

The Twentyfour House Tables embody a captivating fusion of classic refinement and modern design. Constructed using Crema Marfil and Travertine Split Face Cladding, they emanate an air of sophistication. Through their clean and sleek lines, as well as their monolithic presence, these tables pay homage to the past while accentuating their well-balanced proportions.

© 3DM Architecture

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